Notes on academic research and writing

During a recent discussion at a PBK meeting, we thought it would be helpful to collect some local resources for academic research and writing.

1) Cambridge Academic Editors’ Network: CAEN:

This group of experienced academic editors is available to assist students as well as professional writers with a wide range of writing tasks. Several are based in the Cambridge, MA area (hence the title) but most accept work electronically, allowing the client to focus on the ability of the person whose profile is a good match for their needs.

2) EFA:

This group likewise helps editors and clients find each other. In addition they offer regular local meetings where editorial professionals can meet each other and discuss ongoing issues and developments in the editing/transcription fields.

3) CHE Fora:

This online forum is primarily composed of academic professionals, mostly instructors and administrators, but a few students are also members. The information shared and the level of analysis on the discussion threads are both far-reaching and deep in content and in human as well as intellectual dimensions. A strict code of written text (no text-speak, no snark, no website links, etc.) is upheld by a cadre of exacting member-moderators.

About Donna La Rue
Donna La Rue is an independent scholar in the liturgical arts. She teaches, researches, presents and writes on French medieval and American colonial performative and visual arts. She lives in the greater Boston area, and goes to France as often as possible.

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