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The Boston Association of Phi Beta Kappa is an all-volunteer organization promoting learning, fellowship, and good values.

In addition, we fund an annual scholarship for juniors and seniors at Greater Boston area colleges that have chapters of Phi Beta Kappa.

Since we do not have an endowment of any kind, the scholarship funds come from membership dues, the occasional fundraiser, and from donations.

Our activities are open to friends and families of members and sometimes to the wider community, so we try to be inclusive of anyone interested in the life of the mind and the love of wisdom, per the PBK Society's motto.

Our membership welcomes any donations that support our activities and especially our scholarship fund and we can provide verification of any gift over $200 for tax purposes and for any amount on request.

As treasurer and secretary of our association, I want to thank you for your interest and support and will look forward to meeting you at one of our future events, either in person or virtually!

Best regards,

Thomas Laage

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